Prominent Sikh Advocate’s Relative Embroiled in Political Tensions amid Allegations of Extremism


In an escalating saga stemming from political tension and activism amongst Sikhs, a relative of Gurpreet Johal, a prominent lawyer and Labour councillor from Dumbarton, has been caught in the crossfire. Gurpreet Johal ventured into the realm of politics fueled by the alarming ordeal faced by his immediate family.

Rewinding to six years ago, Jagtar Johal, Gurpreet’s brother, journeyed to India to get hitched. Jagtar, who is a well-recognized advocate for Sikh rights and the concept of Khalistan, a separate Sikh homeland, mysteriously vanished off the grid. According to the Johal family, Jagtar was forcibly abducted by an unnumbered vehicle in the Punjab town of Rami Mandi. Subsequently, he was accused of extremist activities and has remained confined behind prison bars since.

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In the years following his arrest, Jagtar Johal alleges he underwent torture and was compelled to authenticate confession statements. His case was delayed, and he is yet to face trial.

While Gurpreet applauds Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his strong stance defending his citizens, he expressed disappointment with the UK government’s less assertive approach. The Reprieve human rights group has proposed evidence indicating that British security agencies possibly played a role in Jagtar’s arrest.

Amid these unsettling developments, the Sikh community has expressed concerns about the escalating pressure they feel, particularly from the Indian government. The demand for more vigorous action against “extremism” within the community from Indian officials adds fuel to these concerns. Concerns that many among these organizations believe may be misplaced and are unfairly tipping the balance of perspective against the Sikh community.

Many argue that the UK government appears more invested in securing a trade deal with India than in addressing the plight of its citizens, an accusation reinforced when Sikh homes were raided in London and the Midlands in 2018. Despite no charges being filed, details of the incident later surfaced in Indian media outlets, a shocking revelation that reinforced suspicions about India’s involvement.

The Sikh community’s integration into British society, coupled with their educational advancements, are now being overshadowed by an increasingly negative portrayal, resulting in the community questioning the seemingly skewed intentions of both the UK and Indian governments.

On the other hand, experts warn that relentless focus on Sikh extremism has the potential to be counterproductive, unintentionally arousing interest among younger Sikhs in concepts they previously didn’t dwell upon, such as Khalistan and alleged human rights abuses.

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