Prominent Sikh Activist Found Dead Amidst Foul Play Suspicions


In a distressing sequence of events, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a respected Sikh activist and ardent supporter of the Khalistan movement, was found lifeless outside the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara in June. One of Nijjar’s close confidantes revealed unsettling information that a few weeks prior to the fatal incident, Nijjar had discovered an uninvited tracking device concealed underneath his vehicle.

Moninder Singh, representing the Gurdwaras BC Council, conveyed how the device was hidden in plain sight within the car’s wheel well, which was discovered at a mechanic shop. A deeply distressed Nijjar had shared his disquiet about his personal safety with friends and family, underlining a chilling apprehension preceding his untimely demise.

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The gruesome event unfolded in the Gurdwara’s parking area on the night of June 18, post Nijjar’s evening prayers. The shocking news was relayed to Singh by a witness who first discovered Nijjar’s lifeless body, leading to an immediate call to action.

Nijjar was revered for his efforts directed towards the realization of Khalistan, a separate homeland for Sikhs envisioned outside of India. The tragic incident led to a fresh surge of protests within the Sikh community accusing the Indian government of foul play.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has since been in charge of the case, revealing scant details about possible suspects. Singh, however, highlighted CCTV footage from the Gurdwara suggesting a well-coordinated attack involving a suspicious car following Nijjar leading to the fatal event.

Despite the allegations, Indian authorities have vehemently denied any involvement in Nijjar’s death. Canadian political spheres too have been engulfed by the controversy. Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged credible allegations suggesting potential Indian government involvement in the incident. Echoing the sentiment, federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh added weight to the allegations, citing credible intelligence that implicates foreign government involvement on Canadian soil.

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