Prominent Philadelphia Journalist Josh Kruger Murdered at Age 39


In the early hours of Monday morning, in the quietude of his Point Breeze home, esteemed Philadelphia journalist, Josh Kruger fell victim to a fatal shooting. Local authorities, who are yet to recover any weapons or apprehend any suspects, confirmed the tragic news.

At the young age of 39, Kruger was mercilessly shot seven times in the chest and abdomen. Despite the best efforts of the medical team, he was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital.

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Kruger utilized his platform and proficiency in journalism to advocate for hard-hitting issues affecting vast swaths of society. His works highlighted areas such as LGBTQ+ rights, homelessness, HIV, and addiction. The Philadelphia Citizen and The Philadelphia Inquirer regularly featured his deep and thoughtful insights. His latest work was a touching tribute to JoAnne Epps, the late Temple University president who passed away in September.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney expressed his deep sorrow at the loss of Kruger, praising him for his deep affection for the city and its inhabitants, a trait ever-present in his public service and writings. The mayor alluded to Kruger’s intelligence, creativity, passion, and wit, describing it as a light that had been prematurely dimmed.

Kruger saw the struggles he personally faced, including living with HIV and homelessness, as stepping stones towards building his career. His LinkedIn profile painted him as a “destroyer of stigma and bureaucratic silos” and an advocate for the common good. He bravely shared his experiences with addiction, serving as an inspiration while working with those grappling with similar struggles in Philadelphia.

Apart from his work as a journalist, Kruger devoted five years of his career contributing to the governance of the City of Philadelphia. He spent his time working with various departments like Public Health, the Office of Homeless Services, and the Office of the Mayor.

Sen. John Fetterman, mourning his loss, echoed the mayor’s sentiments on X, previously known as Twitter. He lauded Kruger’s dedication to the city, his advocacy for vulnerable communities, and his steadfast dedication to journalism.

District Attorney Larry Krasner acknowledged Kruger’s commitment to uplifting the most destitute sectors of the community and highlighted his bravery as an openly queer writer. Krasner also promised diligent cooperation with Philadelphia police to ensure those responsible for Kruger’s death would face justice.

A two-time winner of the Society of Professional Journalists’ award for newspaper commentary in Pennsylvania (2014 and 2015), Kruger’s death is undoubtedly a devastating loss to the journalistic community and beyond. State Sen. Nikil Saval expressed his grief over the news on X, while sending condolences to Kruger’s family, noting that Kruger had so much more to achieve.

As we commemorate the life and accomplishments of this extraordinary advocate and extend our heartfelt condolences to those dear to him, we are reminded of just how much impact one life can contribute towards societal reform. Josh Kruger’s legacy will forever resonate within Philadelphia’s communities.