Procyon Wildlife Centre Announces Inaugural Gala for Wildlife Preservation and Education Fundraising


In a bid to fuel the fire of wildlife preservation efforts and education, the Procyon Wildlife Centre is gearing up for its inaugural gala. Set to take place in December, the event seeks to raise a substantial amount of funds to propel the organization’s impactful initiatives.

The underlying mission of this fundraiser is veered towards generating support for medical assistance to the region’s sick, injured, and abandoned wildlife. The organization is deeply committed to ensuring the well-being of these creatures, making countless efforts to restore them to their healthy state.

The funds accrued won’t just be limited to the medical treatment facet. Significant portions of the proceeds will also go towards amplifying the organization’s educational programs directed at students articulating interests in the wildlife industry. Beyond local outreach, Procyon Wildlife extends support to international students, aiming to foster a global understanding and appreciation of Canadian wildlife.

“As an integral part of our initiatives, we administer education and vet programs as well as internships,” Procyon Wildlife member Debra Spilar shares. “While we’ve curtailed some of our programs due to present conditions, our commitment to encouraging international students into familiarity with Canadian wildlife remains unwavering.”

The event will unfold on December 1st, at the Best Western Plus in Orangeville. The patrons who wish to cheer on and contribute to the cause can secure their online tickets to the fundraising gala.

Relying solely on community contributions, Procyon Wildlife Centre weaves together a team of 150 volunteers dedicatedly working towards a common goal. The gala is a testament to their relentless efforts and the community’s unwavering support; a symbol of unity in the pursuit of wildlife conservation and education.


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