Pro-Life Spiderman Scales Vegas Sphere for Charity


In what was a dazzling display of daring and defiance, Maison Des Champs—a 23-year-old adrenaline enthusiast known by his pseudonymous moniker, the “Pro-Life Spiderman”—scaled the illustrious Sphere in Las Vegas, ascending the 367-foot-tall concert venue on Wednesday morning. The young free-climber, who has intertwined his anti-abortion activism with heart-stopping exploits, took to the sky without the aid of safety ropes, seizing attention in a city known for its spectacles.

Upon cresting the summit of the architectural marvel, Des Champs was seen gleefully pacing the exterior, phone in hand. The anti-abortion activist broadcasted live on Instagram, capturing the scene as the dazzling LED display of the Sphere glinted in his eyewear. Below, a group of law enforcement officials could be heard orchestrating communication efforts aimed at coaxing him down.

Des Champs’s lofty perch served not just as a stunt but a platform for a plea: he implored viewers to support a cause. “Hey guys, I’m here on top of the Sphere,” he began, amid the buzz of the city and police dialogues. “I just wanted to say that we are doing this today to raise money for a mother named Isabel. She is homeless and pregnant and needs help, guys. Big thanks, praise be to God. I will talk to you all later,” he stated passionately.

The climb was not merely a cry for social change but an apparent attempt to capture the influx of global eyes as Las Vegas girded itself for the throngs descending for Super Bowl LVIII. As Des Champs’s ascent concluded, and he was welcomed by the awaiting arms of the law through a hatch atop the Sphere, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department swiftly moved to arrest the activist.

The infamous Spiderman-induced spectacle wasn’t without its rippling effects on the bustling city. Traffic snarled, delays ensued, and law enforcement advised avoidance of the area due to anticipated congestions and road closures necessitated by this emergency response.

Des Champs is no stranger to such vertiginous voyages or the subsequent clasp of handcuffs. He has previously conquered San Francisco’s mighty Salesforce Tower, California’s second-loftiest edifice, and even familiarity with the Las Vegas police dates back to a previous ascension—the 600-foot Aria Resort—which he climbed in objection to COVID mask edicts.

Nonetheless, despite the risks and the criminal charges that have peppered his past—misdemeanors for trespassing, resisting police investigation, disorderly conduct—Des Champs remains undeterred. “I don’t have any regrets,” he professed, his mission clear, his spirit unbroken.

In a city where the boundary between the lawful and the lawless is as tenuous as the line between the earth and the sky, Des Champs’s ropeless endeavors continue to challenge the limits of protest and performance.


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