Pro Contracting Tips From DWI Lawyers in Syracuse NY


Getting caught driving a little woozy after a party is a bad enough experience already. It gets even worse if you happened to have a “special” brownie as well, or something like that. And the absolute worst part of it is that you will suddenly need to hire expert legal help and you have no idea where to turn.

Are the authorities trying to land you with a useless rookie? How do you know whether that guy you found online is legit or just a scammer? So many questions! We got a Syracuse DWI lawyer to reveal the most important ones you need to ask when choosing a solicitor for driving under the influence.

Exactly how much of their practice is DWI defense?

Pay close attention to this number before you even start any other conversation. If you look up your prospective solicitor online, you may even find it listed on their website somewhere. If it comes up to less than 50 percent, feel free to skip that person and look for someone else.

DWI charges are tricky, involving a fair bit of physics and chemistry, and the relevant laws are being changed nearly every other day. You have to be sure that your lawyer will be able to keep up. You cannot afford to be represented by an amateur who only dabbles in these sorts of cases on the sidelines of their total practice.

What will it cost you (including filling fees and the trial)?

There are several ways for a lawyer to form the price for their service, but when it comes to criminal defense, it tends to be a “flat fee”. In other words, you know exactly what your solicitor will cost you. Even if they cannot properly charge you the full price in advance (nor should they ever try, unless they are scammers of some kind), a properly experienced DWI lawyer who has handled a fair number of cases will at least make an informed estimate.

If they insist on an hourly rate, or if they try to sell you a snake oil story how “they cannot determine it until they get a look at all of the evidence” – run far away and never turn back. Click here to learn more about hiring a lawyer and figuring out their pricing.

How many DWI cases have they had or won in front of a jury?

Although in the modern legal world almost all of the cases settle without ever going to trial, some of them do not. Some of them end up in front of a full-blown jury of your peers, and if that happens you cannot have your lawyer losing their head. The more live trial experience they have, the better for you.

Can they guarantee you a favorable outcome?

If they say that they can, or if they make any promise about your case process or result other than the generic “I shall do my very best” – throw them out of your interview schedule and also consider reporting them to authorities.

A genuine solicitor will know that their professional responsibility and the rules of their trade prevent them from guaranteeing anything at all to you, ever. There are simply far too many varying factors to juggle around all the time. If they make any dead-certain claims about your case, they either have no idea what they are doing, or are trying to scam you out of your money. Learn how to avoid these creeps by visiting this the web page:

How frequently do they appear in front of this particular judge?

A lawyer’s advertisement may say that they will “go anywhere for a case”, but you want them knowing the local judge at “anywhere”. They have different attitudes toward DWI cases, and some will be quick to prosecute you while others will be more lenient or supportive of treatment actions.

You do not want your attorney ticking off the Judge. Make sure you know your “big boss fight” before you get to the courtroom. If neither of you know, research the Judge and notice trends in their decisions. Do your best to be prepared.


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