Pro Basketball Player Arrested for Las Vegas Murder


In a grim turn of events, authorities in Nevada have disclosed the arrest of Chance Comanche, a 27-year-old professional basketball player, and his 19-year-old girlfriend, Sakari Harnden, in connection to the death of 23-year-old Marayna Rodgers, whose body was recently discovered in Henderson. The tragic end to the young woman’s life has unraveled a narrative of alleged kidnapping and murder, with the two suspects facing charges of open murder as this case unfolds.

Marayna Rodgers, a medical assistant from Washington State, had journeyed to Las Vegas with friends, last seen breathing on December 6th. The next day, her disappearance sparked concern, and before long, the case escalated into a full-blown homicide investigation. Rodgers’ remains were found in a desert area, and the Clark County coroner’s office has since confirmed her identity.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, piecing together the events leading up to Rodgers’ disappearance, highlighted a nefarious “murder plan” concocted by Comanche and Harnden. The latter was seen with Rodgers, entering a vehicle on the night Rodgers disappeared, which painted a suspicious narrative for the authorities.

As the investigation deepened, the FBI Criminal Apprehension Team, situated in California, caught up with Chance Comanche and detained him. Initially booked on kidnapping charges, he now resides in Sacramento County Jail without the possibility of bail. His court appearance looms on a Tuesday in California, but he faces extradition to Nevada where he will stand trial.

Chance Comanche had been part of the Stockton Kings, an NBA G-league team, until his basketball career came to an abrupt halt with his recent booking. Comanche, a 6-foot-10 center, had an illustrious athletic history with 60 games played at the University of Arizona, and a high school basketball career at Beverly Hills High School before that.

While Comanche’s former team and associates have maintained their silence regarding his arrest, Sakari Harnden’s circumstances unfurl further. Already charged with first-degree kidnapping, she sits in Clark County Detention Center with a $500,000 bail. Adding to her legal woes, Harnden is involved in a separate incident over the alleged theft of a Rolex watch. It has been suggested that she and the victim, Marayna Rodgers, were acquainted, though the depth of their friendship and its potential role in the events remain shrouded in mystery.

The community is left with an unsettling uncertainty as to the precise manner of Rodgers’ death and how she came to be found in Henderson. It’s a case that continues to raise more questions than answers, leaving a wake of sorrow for a young life lost and a stark reminder of the fragility of trust and safety.


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