Princess Charlotte Follows in Princess Diana’s Ballet Footsteps


During a visit to Standfast & Barracks, a print-works factory now under the ownership of the Sanderson Design Group, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, let it be known that her daughter, Princess Charlotte, is quite the avid dancer. The revelation came about during cordial exchanges with young Emily May Catto, a seven-year-old who was enthusiastically waiting to present the Duchess with a drawing she’d made in honour of the royal visit.

Being curious about young Emily’s interests, Kate enquired about the child’s favourite activity, to which Emily enthusiastically responded with “Dancing!” The Duchess, on this admission, shared a similarity in young Emily’s affection for the art, by revealing her own daughter Charlotte’s fondness for dance, particularly ballet and tap; encouraging Emily to hold onto her passion for dance.

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A heartwarming link lies within Charlotte’s interest in dance, as her grandmother, the late Princess Diana, also held a deep affection for the art form. In fact, Princess Diana had aspired to be a professional ballerina during her childhood years, only to have her dreams slip through when she grew too tall to pursue it professionally. Her love for ballet never diminished though, and she remained involved as the patron of the English National Ballet.

Previously during a Royal visit to Galway with Prince William in 2020, Kate had vaguely mentioned Charlotte’s love of dance, and as much as meeting and greeting the public during their last day in Ireland. Among the many fans that surrounded them, even a cute four-year-old girl was able to have a brief interaction with her, where Charlotte’s affinity for dancing was brought up once again.

It’s noteworthy that Charlotte started attending ballet lessons in November 2018, following in the footsteps of her elder brother, Prince George. Such information trickled through insiders and was shared with People.

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