Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Champion Mental Health and Youth Empowerment in Vibrant Lagos Visit


On a bright Sunday in Lagos, Nigeria, the energetic heart of West African fashion and traditional dances pulsed to an even livelier beat, welcoming guests of honor Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their three-day visit—threaded with an agenda to lift the veil on mental health issues afflicting soldiers and kindle the fire of youth empowerment in the region—transformed the bustling city into a vibrant tapestry of color, rhythm, and warmth.

Invited by the Nigerian military, Harry and Meghan were greeted by the city’s largest welcoming committee – an effervescent kaleidoscope of dancers, each executing a diverse array of maneuvers from the moment the couple deplaned at Lagos airport. Their acrobatic feats elicited beaming smiles and applause from the doting couple, especially when an agile child performer, seemingly no older than five, saluted Harry while perched atop firm, supporting shoulders.

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In the spirit of harmonizing with their surroundings, Meghan donned a white top accentuated by a traditional Nigerian aso oke—a stunning handwoven fabric wrapped around the waist, typically reserved for extraordinary events. The intricate fabric was a heartfelt gesture from a group of local women who had met her the day before.

Moving further into the heart of Lagos, the couple paid a visit to a local non-profit organization, Giants of Africa. This unique establishment empowers the region’s youth through the universal language of basketball. They were once again enveloped by a wave of jubilant dancing, segueing smoothly into the announcement of an enduring partnership between Giants of Africa and the couple’s own Archewell Foundation.

Addressing the organization, Harry lauded their efforts, saying, “What you guys are doing here at Giants of Africa is truly amazing. The power of sport can change lives. It brings people together and creates community and there are no barriers, which is the most important thing.”

Masai Ujiri, an ex-NBA star and now the charity’s president, reciprocated the warmth, wishing Meghan a happy Mother’s Day and acknowledging the sacrifices the couple made to be there. “To do so shows dedication, and we truly appreciate it,” Ujiri expressed.

Continuing their journey, Meghan and Harry attended a fundraiser dedicated to supporting Nigeria’s soldiers who sustained injuries in the ongoing fight against Islamic extremists and other militant groups in the conflict-ridden north. This noble cause draws parallels with Harry’s Invictus Games, giving substance to the ongoing talks about Nigeria potentially hosting the games in the future.

At the Lagos State Government House, Meghan received another beautiful piece of indigenous Nigerian handwoven fabric, a symbol of the hospitality the couple were immersed in. The state’s governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, extended a standing invitation to Harry and Meghan, assuring them that they were always welcome to return. With the last echoes of music and laughter ringing in their ears, the royal couple concluded a memorable visit, carrying with them the dynamic spirit of Lagos and its people.