Prince Edward Island – Update On COVID-19 Situation


The new health measures in P.E.I have affected the local populace, so the provincial government is offering monetary help to remedy that. According to the P.E.I cabinet minister, those who had their hours reduced by 12 hours a week between Feb. 28 and March 14 will receive $500.

A 22-year-old woman has revealed her COVID-19 diagnosis publicly to raise awareness, stating that even if you respect the rules, you may get infected. She works as a chief nurse.

More than 9,000 COVID-19 tests were performed in the last three days.
English and French school boards on P.E.I. stated that they are ready to start online classes but are hoping that everything will get back to normal soon.

The Chief Public Health Office presented a list of COVID-19 high-risk areas. He asked the people who traveled there to get tested and self-isolate.

The restaurants and retails on the island are following the procedures but report that many businesses won’t survive the lockdown. To protect the people and the businesses, some owners are calling for harsher penalties for people who break self-isolation guidelines.

Prince Edward Island reports a total of 18 active cases of COVID-19. Since the pandemic hit the area there were a total of 132 cases and 0 deaths caused by the coronavirus.


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