Prince Albert Civic Employees Threaten Strike Over Contract Discrepancies


Civic employees in Prince Albert have declared that they will strike if they fail to broker a preliminary agreement with city administrators by the 11th of September. The representatives from the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 882, have been functioning without a contract since December 2021, leading to escalating tension. In a significant development in June, the union members gave a nod to the job action, escalating up to a complete termination of services. The application of a ‘work-to-rule’ directive has been in effect since the 10th of August.

City officials have reportedly proposed a salary increase of 11% spread across four years. However, this offer was not satisfactory to the union members, who have dismissed it in favour of a 12% raise over the same period. Cara Stelmaschuk, the vice-president of CUPE 882, clarified that the discrepancy was not merely about an additional 1% but included further amendments to the contract terms.

Following the union’s disapproval of the final offer, Stelmaschuk stated that further meetings were not sought by the administration. Negotiations have been strained, with only eight days of face-to-face bargaining having taken place since discussions began. The city’s apparent lack of interest in fruitful negotiations has been a sticking point for the union.

Highlighting the counter-narrative, city’s human resource manager, Kevin Yates, presented the city’s final offer as a generous one that would uplift employees from the 85th percentile to the 95th. Emphasizing the city’s negotiation position, Yates claimed that Prince Albert’s proposed package was superior to any other city in Saskatchewan. He insisted the offer struck a fair balance between safeguarding taxpayers’ interests and fulfilling the needs of the employees.

If the workers proceed with the proposed strike, multiple city services would be adversely affected. The list of services likely to be impacted includes operations at City Hall, the EA Rawlinson Centre, Art Hauser Centre, Frank Dunn Pool, Alfred Jenkins Field House, and the Arts Centre, the union has affirmed.

Stelmaschuk reiterated the union’s reluctance to direct its members towards a strike, stressing their commitment to reaching a mutually beneficial agreement at the bargaining table.


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