Prince Albert City Strikes Tentative Accord with Striking Employees


A tentative accord has been achieved between the City of Prince Albert and its striking employees, as confirmed by their representative union. This agreement comes off the back of two days’ intense bargaining and negotiations.

The accord, according to the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 882, brings forth various enhancements for the workers. Notably, all employees can now access comprehensive vision care coverage. In addition, non-permanent workers will also see an expansion of the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) benefits.

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While the wage offers remain identical to previous terms, there’s a mutual understanding that certain compensation packages, particularly those relating to difficult recruitment categories, will be revised. Furthermore, a pay upgrade is in the pipeline to uplift the lowest income workers above the minimum wage threshold.

On September 11, the union had commenced a full cessation of services, impacting numerous city-operated amenities, City Hall, Art Hauser Centre and EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts amongst them. Mira Lewis, an esteemed national CUPE representative, remarked, “The bargaining committee has put in significant efforts to attain enhancements on the table. What lies ahead, however, is primarily on our esteemed members”.

The agreement reached remains provisional until it receives ratification through a vote from the union members, a process that CUPE has slated for Friday.

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