Priest Condemns Councilor’s Insensitive Posts on City’s Homelessness Crisis


A respected figure in the local religious community has vociferously criticized a city councilor’s insensitive social media activity. Kevin George, the esteemed priest at St. Aidan’s Anglican Church, is urging the London City Council to respond to the shocking conduct of Ward 4 Councilor Susan Stevenson, who voiced her aggravation over the city’s escalating homelessness dilemma via her social media platforms.

The focal point of her discontent on these posts emphasises her ward of Old East Village – an area suffering heavily from homelessness. Notably, her posts unveiled photographs of homeless individuals, with no attempt to shield their identities.

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George dissented her conduct, saying, “It is appalling to conceive that an elected official is jeopardizing the welfare of some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens. She is stoking the fires of the prejudiced and thereby abetting inimical behavior towards our most defenseless residents.”

According to George, this type of action only exacerbates an already polarized and challenging situation. “I’ve grown close to some homeless individuals who are enduring inconceivable adversities, exposed to appalling acts of violence and humiliation largely due this type of provocative rhetoric,” George pointed out.

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Returning to the matter of homelessness, the City Council has endorsed the Whole of Community Response to Homelessness, aiming to provide 600 supportive housing units and 15 low-barrier service hubs. Stevenson, on the other hand, appeared dubious about the placement of these hubs in a recent interview.

George insists that political leaders owe the community more delicate handling of such sensitive topics. Consequently, he has written a letter urging the City Council to hold Stevenson accountable for her thoughtless actions.

“I’m appealing to the Integrity Commissioner to recognise this for what it truly is: bullying and intimidating conduct by an elected official that jeopardises the safety of our citizens,” George urged. Further, he firmly believes that Stevenson needs to face sanctions, censoring, and ideally, she should be suspended, in light of her behavior.

Council aims to launch the first 100 housing units and three hubs by December. The details, including the locations of the hubs, will be discussed at a city hall meeting where Stevenson is expected to be present, and a decision is expected to be made this week.