Pride Flags Stolen from Businesses and Homes in Victoria, P.E.I.


RCMP is looking into the theft of several Pride flags that were grabbed from outside homes and businesses in Victoria, P.E.I.

On Tuesday evening, Alyssa LaGrange was outside the Landmark Oyster House when a man arrived in a black Dodge Caravan. LaGrange informed CBC News that he ran away with the restaurant’s Pride flag, which had mounted in place to show support for LGBTQ people and their causes.

“I’m bisexual, so as a member of the LGBTQ community, it really, really affected me,” LaGrange noted. “I’ve been pretty privileged to not have to deal with, like, blatant instances of homophobia…. This is kind of the first for me in a long time.”

She ran after the vehicle for a short while intending to get more information to inform the authorities.

She claimed she later discovered that other flags had been grabbed throughout the village.

“I was really upset. My boyfriend was really upset, sort of vicariously through me,” she stated.

“This village is so accepting of everyone from all walks of life. It’s actually really beautiful. And to see somebody come here and just mess it all up was really, really disheartening.”

Afterwards, she stated, she found solace from a Facebook post her father wrote, noting his first reaction was anger, however, another thought occurred to him.

“He realized that this village was… we’re so conspicuous about our acceptance for the gay community that we ended up becoming a target,” LaGrange stated. “And that’s something that we should actually be proud of.”

RCMP assured CBC News that they are looking into the matter after at least two complaints from members of the public.

As that investigation ensues, LaGrange declared more Pride flags are being sourced to replace the stolen ones, so Victoria will remain rainbow-clad as Pride Month draws to an end.


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