Pride Flag Thefts and Shuttered Brewery Highlight Ontario Community Tensions


A family in Norwich Township has voiced their dismay over the recurrent theft of over 50 Pride flags from their property. This issue came to a head earlier in spring when the local council chose not to acknowledge any non-governmental flags, including the Pride flag. The Ontario Provincial Police recently disseminated a video displaying an individual tearing down several Pride flags, instigating a plea to the law enforcement and council from LGBTQ2S+ advocates for immediate action. Peter Luciani, along with his wife, began to hoist Pride flags following the council’s decision against it.

Luciani explained, “This gesture was in response to the town council’s refusal to endorse the hanging of the flag on municipal property or even recognize June as Pride Month in Norwich Township.”

Meanwhile, the craft brewing sector is grappling with the repercussions of inflation, shifting consumer trends, and the prolonged aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Rhythm and Brews, a prominent brewery in Cambridge, had to shut shop after operating for half a decade. The owner attributes this unfortunate closure to the combinatorial effect of these factors presenting an insurmountable hurdle.

Business owner Andrew Byer elucidated, “The adversity intensified over time. We were forced to remortgage twice during the pandemic to remain functional. We exhausted all alternatives but to no avail.”

He added that despite experiencing a brief surge in business post- pandemic lockdowns, 2023 had proven to be an uphill struggle. The operational expenses were overwhelming and ultimately led to their shutdown.

In another part of the region, an antique market near Waterloo, Ontario, has withdrawn a Nazi uniform from its inventory following a hullabaloo. The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) castigated the sale of such an item.

The President and CEO of FSWC, Michael Levitt, stated, “Although trading Nazi memorabilia is not unlawful, cashing in on items connected to a genocide involving six million Jews and numerous others defies the principles of human decency.”

The controversy surrounding the stolen pride flags, the closure of the brewery, and the sale of the Nazi uniform underscore the tensions and challenges facing these Ontario communities.

Elsewhere, in Guelph, law enforcement authorities have begun probing into an auto theft incident. An American man reported his rental car being stolen while he and his daughter were checking into a hotel in the southern portion of Guelph in preparation for her move into the university.

Lastly, a standard traffic stop on Highway 7/8 took an unexpected twist when a Cambridge OPP officer discovered a kitten in a surrounding ditch. The kitten was rescued, and the driver was warned of their initial traffic violation.

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