Premiere of Lil Nas X Documentary Delayed due to Bomb Threat at TIFF


The eagerly anticipated premiere of “Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero” at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)’s was temporarily placed on hold on Saturday night due to a bomb threat.

Judy Lung, the vice-president of public affairs and communications at the festival, acknowledged the incident, stating that the investigation was in and around the red carpet area of the documentary’s screening at Roy Thomson Hall. Assuring concerned parties, she emphasized that standard security measures didn’t waver during this period. The screening commenced after a minor delay.

Lung further clarified that, as far as their understanding goes, the threat was not specific to the film or the artist but seemed to be a generalised threat.

Casting light on the incident, a Toronto police spokesperson revealed that a passerby had alerted the festival’s private security about the bomb threat. Addressing the threat promptly while prioritizing safety, the Toronto police and the festival’s private security team carried out a thorough sweep of the scene. After ensuring every corner was cleared within a span of 20 minutes, the area was deemed safe. It was clearly an exercise in abundant caution, highlighting the festival’s commitment to ensure the security and safety of its participants and attendees.


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