Premier John Hogan’s Low Profile At A Time When B.C Is Having A Tough Time Angers Many


Premier John Hogan maintained a low profile as the pandemic raged on, noting that his people were doing their work and he kept clear from interfering, but his vacationing at a time when the province was dealing with wildfire and a fourth wave has angered many.

A top minister defended the premier while criticism was at its peak online over the weekend even as an explosive wildfire ravaged the interior destroying properties amid alerts and evacuations.

The premier’s office informed local media that he would be back Thursday, but did not respond to allegations that he is in Atlantic Canada. Neither did the office acknowledge requests for a zoom meeting.

Premier Hogan hasn’t made a public appearance in the last four weeks, after he visited the Southeast fire center on the 21st of July.

The premier has avoided being seen in public intentionally throughout the current pandemic, saying a number of times that the provincial health officer and the health ministry are well equipped to manage the pandemic.

In the past, the premier has made a number of gaffes, including telling the young generation not to blow it for the rest of the province by not following health guidelines.

This has had many thinking that his staff are encouraging the premier to maintain a low profile so that he does not cause controversy through off-hand remarks.


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