Premier Jason Urged To Work With Military To Rescue Alberta’s Health Care System


With the health care system in Alberta on its knees, unions officials representing health care workers are urging Premier Jason Kenney to seek help from the Red Cross and the military.

Infection rates are rising in the province, which means the Premier has no choice but to seek help from the central government by asking for the Red Cross, military and other resources to be sent to the province’s overwhelmed facilities. This was communicated to the premier via a letter.

The letter, sent to the NDP’s Rachel Notley and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, says that based on the constitution, the central government cannot intervene until a formal request is presented.

The letter also said that the military was sent to Ontario long term care centres last April.

As of last Thursday’s count, the province has 911 person getting medical care in various hospitals, of which 215 are under intensive care.

About 20 severely sick Albertans, most of whom are unimmunized, are being brought to the ICU each day, this is according to Dr. Verna Yiu, Alberta’s AHS CEO.

A spokesperson for the health ministry says authorities in Alberta have not sent a formal request for help.

Once the request is sent, it will be the work of Public Safety Canada to coordinate response, a statement from the Department of National Defence read.


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