Premier Higgs Hints At Possibility Of Faster Immunization Rollout, Quicker Provincial Border Reopening


At a recent press briefing on Thursday, premier Blaine Higgs hinted at the possibility that New Brunswick might have a faster vaccine rollout and a more rapid border reopening.

Higgs noted that federal recommendations say they can delay second doses by up to four months, meaning people can get their first immunization by the 30th of June. He noted that they might re-establish an Atlantic bubble during a conference with other premiers and even get a border in the rest of the county opened, allowing movement.

However, while speaking to local media much later, he said reopening would depend on a few factors, including vaccination levels.

He added that this might happen this summer but noted that he would like N.B to go beyond this, depending on the number of doses they can access. Higgs also pointed out that it also depends on whether at-risk groups that cross the border get immunized.

The immunization Committee notified provinces that they could delay the second dose by up to four months. Several provinces have heeded the advice.

The premier said that the committee would vote next Tuesday. He said that he would suggest that the province shift in that direction. That way, they will be able to stretch their vaccines so that a lot more people get the first dose, potentially immunizing more people by the 30th of June.

Since a single dose can lower the chances of infection significantly, the premier said that this would give them a chance to get the province back to the new normal a month sooner than September.


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