Powerful Ukraine Strike Ignites Russian Naval Vessels in Black Sea Flashpoint


As evidenced by a photograph circulated by the Russian-appointed governor on Telegram, flames have been caught on camera consuming what appears to be a vessel. This follows an announcement from Ukraine that it carried out one of its most considerable strikes on naval targets and port infrastructure in Crimea, aimed at the Russian navy’s Black Sea fleet.

In response, Russia alleged that the assault incorporated 10 missiles and three remote-controlled boats. The repercussions included a substantial fire at a Sevastopol shipyard, resulting in injuries to 24 individuals.

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The governor installed by Moscow subsequently claimed that although the majority of the weapons were intercepted, two ships sustained damage. Notably, Ukraine has suggested that the missiles used in the attack were supplied by the West. This signals one of the most significant strikes on the Black Sea fleet since the onset of the war.

Unmanned vessels, alternatively referred to as sea drones or drone boats, operate on or beneath the water. These vessels, typically equipped with built-in explosives and cameras, transmit feeds directly to their operator.

Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhayev provided a photo on Telegram displaying what appears to be a ship engulfed by flames at a port. Supposedly, the location is an area where vessels were undergoing repairs. A large landing ship named the Minsk and a submarine known as the Rostov-on-Don, both presumably in dry dock, were reportedly damaged in what is considered one of Ukraine’s most critical strikes on the Black Sea fleet to date.

The state-run Ria Novosti news agency conveyed the Russian Defence Ministry’s assertion that both damaged vessels would be fully restored and carried on in standard service.

Ukraine implied the utilization of Western-supplied cruise missiles of Ukrainian military intelligence officer Andriy Yusov confirmed, “We confirm a large landing vessel and submarine were hit. We do not comment on the meansused for the strike.”

The chief of Ukraine’s air force, Mykola Oleshchuk, extolled his pilots on Telegram for their “excellent combat work”. He further hinted at more attacks to come. His comments suggest the possible use of either UK Storm Shadow or French SCALP cruise missiles, both of which carry a reach encompassing over 150 miles, thrice the range that Ukraine has previously employed.

This event marks an unprecedented use of such weapons on targets within Crimea, stirring genuine concern in Moscow following the revelation of some missile breaching Russia’s air defense, and inflicting significant damage critically. Russia’s defense ministry maintains it shot down seven of the missiles and destroyed all three remote-controlled boats.

Furthering the ongoing territorial dispute, Russia illicitly seized possession of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. Ukraine, however, asserts its continuous ambition to recover the peninsula.

In a parallel incident, Russian drones inflicted damage on the Ukrainian grain port of Izmail, positioned on the Danube river. The governor of the Odesa region cited six individuals injured in this attack, which ignited a fire and wreaked during the last few days, Ukraine reported regaining control of four gas drilling platforms in the northern Black Sea, proximate to the Crimean peninsula. Notably, these so-called Boyko Towers were seized by Russia in 2015, shortly following its annexation of Crimea.