Powerball Jackpot Skyrockets to $88 Million, Awaits Lucky Monday Winner


Hopes are on the rise once again as the Powerball jackpot, America’s much-loved gameshow of fortune, escalates to an eye-catching figure of $88 million for the coming Monday’s drawing. This substantial jackpot has seen steady growth after a reset occasioned by a lucky Floridian laying claim to the staggering $215 million prize earlier this month.

Should another fortunate individual strike it right on this Monday’s Pot of Gold, they stand to bag a whopping $41.4 million as a lump-sum payment post-tax deduction. The long-awaited sequence of lucrative numbers commenced its roll out a minute past the hour of 11 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, the results of which we have detailed below for your perusal.

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Engaging millions of hopeful contenders every Monday, this May 20th Powerball jackpot drawing offered a glimpse into the prodigious good fortune that lies within the walls of its winners. Among the roster of winners is a $1.3 billion recipient who, in the face of their life changing win, shared how fervently they had hoped and prayed to be blessed with such a fortuitous moment.

A golden chance to catapult into millionaire status overnight, Powerball tickets commence at a humble price of $2, making dreams seem incredibly accessible. The lucky numbers for the Monday night’s draw, that left numerous bettors on the edge of their seats were – 1, 7, 48, 64, and 68, with the Powerball number being 5 and a Power Play of 2X. Please note, these winning numbers are corroborated by Jackpocket, the worthy digital lottery courier of the USA TODAY network.

Wondering if the significant $88 million jackpot found a winner? Stay tuned, because we will update you on the fortunate individuals who managed to turn their life around with Monday’s Powerball as soon as we receive the details.

Should an aspirant be looking to try their luck in this adrenaline infused game, they need to pick six numbers, five from a pool of white balls numbered 1 to 69 and one Powerball from 1 to 26. This $2 Powerball ticket can be bought from a local convenience store, grocery store or gas station, while some states offer online alternatives as well.

For those seeking to enhance their potential winnings, they can choose to add a “Power Play” for an additional $1. This feature can multiply all non-jackpot winnings by 2 to 10 times. A “Quick Pick” option offers computer generated numbers for those seeking an alternative to manually picking their numbers.

Scheduled draws take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights. If the jackpot remains unclaimed, the amount sees an increase in millions, further fuelling the anticipation. Tickets can be procured in person or ordered online via Jackpocket, available in select U.S. states and regions.

Gannett may earn revenue for audience referrals to Jackpocket services. Jackpocket encourages responsible gaming – 18+, with a mandatory age of 21 in Arizona and 19 in Nebraska. Jackpocket and its services are not affiliated with any State Lottery; problem gamblers are encouraged to reach out to HOPE helplines for assistance.