Powerball Jackpot Pumps Up to $59 Million, Winner to Lock $27.6 Million Cash Prize


As lady luck toyed with destiny, Monday’s Powerball drawing went unclaimed, driving the jackpot’s worth up to a thunderous $59 million. This Wednesday’s hopeful winner stands an enticing chance to stride away with an eye-watering $27.6 million cash prize, as per estimates provided by lottery officials.

This momentous drawing of winning numbers gave a thrilling conclusion to the anxious wait of thousands around the country, unfolding shortly after 11 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 15.

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From the shadows of obscurity to the glaring spotlight of a billion-dollar world, a past Powerball winner navigated a surreal journey. The colossal $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot shifted its winners’ lives onto an unprecedented trajectory. One of them, a cancer survivor, recounted sincerely that he had sought divine intervention for a lucky break.

As for the current drawing, Wednesday night proved to be a titillating event. The balls ricocheted in the drum, the numbers rolled out and those inscribed on the winning ticket were 19, 42, 45, 55, 69 along with a Powerball number 6, with a double multiplier under the Power Play of 2X.

Those waiting to hold their breath and embrace the edge of anticipation can check back here on Thursday morning to learn if someone has won the jackpot or the coveted Match 5 prizes. Additionally, the lottery’s website harbors the full roster of earlier Powerball victors.

To take part in this game of captivating suspense and extraordinary promise, the ticket to grandeur, worth $2, awaits at your neighborhood convenience store, gas station, or grocery store. To play, you’ll have to mark six numbers on your ticket – five white numbers between 1-69 and one red Powerball number between 1-26.

For those willing to push their luck an extra mile, the “Power Play” addition for $1 can amplify the winnings for all non-jackpot prizes, multiplying them by 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, or even 10X. Store cashiers can also assist in issuing a “Quick Pick” ticket with a computer-generated list of numbers.

The wild card of destiny plays its hand thrice a week – on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights. Each draw absent a jackpot winner escalates the next cash prize by mesmerizing millions.

For those unable to drop by a physical location to purchase a ticket, digital transactions also hold sway. Jackpocket, the official digital lottery courier of the USA TODAY Network, is an accessible online platform across various U.S. states and territories. The convenience of picking lottery game and numbers, placing an order, viewing the ticket, and collecting winnings are only a click or tap away, making the pursuit of your million-dollar dream that much simpler.