Powerball Extend Lottery Schedule by a Week


Powerball is revamping its schedule to include a third week of drawing in the most interstate lottery game. On Monday, Lottery officials announced that Powerball intends to add a week of drawing.

The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) concluded that an additional week would attract more customers. The association confirmed that the drawing would begin on 23rd August 2021 and extend to three weeks and not two.

The aspects of the game include odds, $2 ticket cost, and 41 Power Play multiplier. The draws will be broadcasted live at 10: 59 pm ET from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

In 2020, lottery sale was halted as American traveled less and instead stayed at home for a considerable long time. Power and Mega Millions American most popular lottery games responded by eliminating starting jackpots and guaranteed an increase between draws.

Meanwhile, Powerball is considering expanding overseas and include Australia as the 45 states, plus the DC, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. However, Republican-rich states are threatening the expansion to Australia, claiming that revenue from the lottery will help further its opposition to guns during international forums.


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