Post-Tropical Storm Philippe Set to Interrupt Maritimes’ Pleasant Weather This Weekend


A period of pleasant weather has been gracing the Maritimes for the past fortnight, courtesy of a resilient high-pressure ridge. However, the serene charm of clear skies is expected to be interrupted. Over the forthcoming weekend, forecasts anticipate a shift in atmospheric conditions due to an incoming westward weather front coupled with the probable arrival of a post-tropical storm, Philippe.

Currently a tropical storm, Philippe is to the east of the U.S. Virgin Islands, specifically about 130 kilometers east of St. Thomas. The heart of the storm is swirling with maximum sustained winds nearing 75 km/h, gradually tracking northwestward at a pace of 16 km/h.

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Forecasts from the U.S. National Hurricane Center speculate that Philippe will shift north and be in proximity to Bermuda, still as a tropical storm, by Friday. It is further predicted to venture into the Maritimes as a post-tropical storm, likely being tangled up with a westward moving weather front, symbolizing the advent of the fall storm season on Sunday.

For those familiar with hurricanes, Philiipe can’t be compared with Fiona or Dorian in terms of magnitude. The chance of Philippe sustaining its tropical storm strength is about 80%, with a slim 20% chance of momentarily gaining Category 1 hurricane intensity during its northward passage. It is anticipated that the storm will metamorphose into a post-tropical storm, akin to a Nor’easter minus the snowfall before possibly making its way to the Maritimes.

While the storm’s ongoing evolution still warrants updates, its potential impact on the Maritimes is significant. Risks include areas of rainfall exceeding 50mm, wind gusts accelerating beyond 90 km/h, and the uncertainty of precise locales for these conditions makes early preparation imperative.

Potential effects on wave action along the Maritime coasts remain undetermined. Preliminary forecasts suggest less impact than that witnessed with Storm Lee, potentially reducing coastal wash and erosion circumstances. The absence of a full or new moon this weekend also means tides will not be at their zenith.

To encapsulate, this coming weekend, specifically Sunday, might witness the flashy arrival of post-tropical storm Philippe in the Maritimes, seemingly heralding stormy weather. It is essential to monitor the storm’s progress, as even in its post-tropical state, the accompanying wind and rainfall have the potential to cause significant disruption in parts of the Maritimes.