Possible Human Remains of Missing Adelaide Man Unearthed in Secluded Northern Property


A disturbing discovery at a secluded property north of Adelaide has led to police commencing an intense investigation to ascertain if the unearthed human remains belong to Robert Atkins, a missing man who was reported absent by his mother in 2021.

The now 29-year-old from Adelaide had been the focus of a complex police investigation when his alleged murderer was charged in April. However, Robert’s whereabouts remained a mystery until this shocking discovery on Peak Road, in the village of Minvalara — a location southeast of Orroroo.

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This startling revelation took place on Wednesday following which, the caught-off-guard police initiated an immediate investigation to determine if the remains indeed belong to the missing Mr Atkins. His disappearance had been casting a perplexing shadow over the police, establishing it as a stubborn obstacle in their path to justice.

Working on the case are experienced detectives from the Major Crime Investigation Branch, currently at the scene in collaboration with members of Forensic Response, a forensic anthropologist, and State Emergency Service (SES) crews.

In 2021, SA Police instituted Task Force Southern to investigate Atkins’ suspected death and the demise of two other men. As part of this task force, a group of detectives made their way to Minvalara on Wednesday, where the actual analysis of the scene commenced.

Robert Atkins’ last recorded appearance was in November 2020, concurrently sparking off alarm bells when his disappearance was reported in January the following year.

The case took a dramatic turn in April when four additional individuals faced charges of unlawful captivity and premeditated harm infliction.

As the investigation advances, police expect to relay additional updates on Thursday. The situation remains fluid as investigators continue to piece together the jigsaw puzzle shaped by these new hints linked to the mystery of Robert Atkins’ disappearance.