Port Alberni Home Devoured by Blaze, No Injuries Reported


Sunday morning in Port Alberni saw the unforgiving spectacle of a house devoured by a blaze, its structure shrouded in a thick cloud of smoke and hostile flames. However, a stroke of fortuity ensured the absence of the house’s inhabitants, thus preventing any bodily harm, as confirmed by local authorities.

The alarming distress call shook the Port Alberni Fire Department from their regular morning duties, promptly at a few minutes past 8:45 a.m. The message conveyed was concerning a chimney fire in an otherwise peaceful locality – the 3700 block of Bishop Crescent.

On the journey to the designated location, the classification of the blaze escalated to a full-fledged structure fire, increasing both urgency and severity. Upon their arrival, the firefighters found a daunting challenge waiting. Vicious plumes of smoke and an unforgiving inferno howled from the house, according to the visual narrative of Chief Mike Owens.

Understanding the magnitude of the crisis, more boots were summoned on the ground. This call to arms brought additional personnel from the Cherry Creek Volunteer Fire Department, acting as a reinforcement offering mutual aid.

Pitted against the violent inferno, the combined crew flexed their expertise and managed to tame the fire within an hour. Lingering on the scene, the warriors in safety gear stood vigilant for another hour, extinguishing any remnants of fire attempting to reclaim their extinguished kingdom.

The firefighting efforts confined the arrogant flames to the singing confines of the singular dwelling it had sought to consume. For the safety of the operation and bystanders, Bishop Crescent temporarily shed its public colors, suspending traffic between Haslam Drive and Grieve Road.

As the smoke slowly cleared and the dust settled, the cause behind the fiery fiend remains shrouded in mystery. The genesis, the potential catalytic corner in the house, and the extent of the resulting damage still linger in the realm of speculation, according to Owens.

Affected by this event, the inhabitant of the now marred structure is reportedly seeking shelter with their family.

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