Pop-Tart IndyCar Hits Track to Launch Seinfeld’s Netflix Comedy ‘Unfrosted’


The imminent arrival of Jerry Seinfeld’s new Netflix comedy “Unfrosted” is being marked in a unique and exciting manner at this weekend’s IndyCar race at Long Beach. There, rookie driver Linus Lundqvist will take to the track in an IndyCar that’s been transformed into a full-sized Pop-Tart, painted to mimic the texture of the iconic unfrosted breakfast treat in honor of the upcoming movie. The car design will also feature images of Seinfeld himself, as well as some members of the star-studded cast.

The creative collaboration springs from a partnership with Ganassi sponsor, the American Legion, all in the spirit of launching the film, set to debut on May 3rd. The movie will act as Seinfeld’s first foray into the director’s chair.

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The idea of a film inspired by Pop-Tarts is one that Seinfeld has nurtured for years. Back in 2018, he shared his visions of developing a movie based on the creation of the popular Kellogg’s product, tapping into the mystique of the sugar-driven cereal culture of the 1960s in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Co-written by Seinfeld, “Unfrosted” features an ensemble cast of comedy and film greats including Jim Gaffigan, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, Hugh Grant, James Marsden, Bill Burr, Fred Armisen, and Dan Levy. The nostalgic narrative is set in Michigan in 1963, just before the sugary toaster pastries made their dramatic debut on grocery store shelves nationwide.

Thrilled by the IndyCar collaboration, Seinfeld, a self-proclaimed car enthusiast expressed his gratitude to Chip Ganassi Racing and the American Legion. “Making a movie about Pop-Tarts has led to so many wonderful, unexpected surprises,” said Seinfeld. “I’m honored to be affiliated with the American Legion and the crucial work they do to support American Veterans.”

In light of its powerful “Be the One” mission, the American Legion viewed this partnership with Seinfeld, Netflix, and “Unfrosted” as a fantastic opportunity to garner broader awareness for veterans’ mental health care. The mission aims to save the lives of veterans by destigmatizing mental health treatment and educating veterans, service members, and their families on suicide prevention.

Voicing his excitement about the partnership, Dean Kessel, the Chief Marketing Officer of The American Legion, explained how comedy could play a therapeutic role in helping veterans battling mental health issues. “Partnering with the ‘Unfrosted’ project ties nicely into our ‘Be The One’ platform and our effort to destigmatize veterans seeking help for mental health issues, and in our mission to prevent veteran suicide,” he said.