Pop Star Shakira Faces Second Spanish Tax Evasion Charge


Esteemed Colombian pop sensation, Shakira, awarded with a lifetime achievement honor at the recent MTV Video Music Awards, now finds herself in the crosshairs of the Spanish government, facing charges of tax evasion for the second time.

The heart of the issue, as presented by Spanish prosecutors, is Shakira’s alleged failure to declare an approximate amount of €6.7m in advance payments procured from her celebrated El Dorado World Tour in 2018, amongst other revenues. It is this omission, which transpired during Shakira’s residence in Barcelona alongside her partner, football icon Gerard Pique, that the state contends is an act of intentional evasion.

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The Spanish authorities engaged a thorough investigation into the matter in July 2023, revealing the specifics of their findings just this past Tuesday. Shakira, now a resident of Miami, and her esteemed legal counsel claim to be blindsided by the news of the fresh charges. Instead, their primary focus remains steadfastly directed at preparing for the, now looming, trial pertaining to fiscal misconduct charges spanning the years 2012-2014, set to commence November 20th.

The fertilizing ground for these additional charges thrives on the allegation that, during 2018 while residing in Barcelona, Shakira shifted her funds to foreign companies located in countries known for their lighter tax legislation and notorious financial opacity.

For these new set of charges, the songstress is slated to stand trial in Barcelona later this year. Six separate instances of alleged fiscal wrongdoings are at stake – allegations Shakira repeatedly and vehemently denies. She has asserted her confidence that justice will prevail, pointing to an extensive body of evidence that she believes will vindicate her.

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