Poll Suggests Trump Might Edge Out Biden in Hypothetical 2024 Election Race


A detailed poll by media heavyweights ABC and The Washington Post hints at an intriguing possibility: if Americans had to choose today between President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump for the presidential seat, Trump might emerge victorious. Predictions for the potential Biden-Trump faceoff in the 2024 elections show the electoral tide could be turning.

The survey presents President Biden trailing behind Trump by 10 percentage points at this early stage. However, such stark contrasts are at odds with other public surveys that paint a much closer race. This particular poll has even been labelled an “outlier” due to its deviations from the norm.

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It’s an unexpected change of pace for Biden who continues to battle perceptions around his handling of key issues like the economy, border security, and Ukraine.

Furthermore, the activity in the overseas betting markets also mirrors this unexpected twist. Despite betting on elections being banned across US states, bookmakers across the pond in the UK are closely following the electoral race.

William Hill, one of the top bookies in the UK and Europe, reveals intriguing odds. Biden’s reelection likelihood sits at 36.4% whereas Trump follows closely behind at 33.3%. These figures are evaluating the probabilities for the potential 2024 Biden-Trump faceoff.

This act of prediction extends beyond traditional bookmakers. Peer-to-peer wagering exchanges such as PredictIt have also seen positions being placed on the two political figures. Figuratively, Biden, with his shares trading this week at 43 cents, maintains a lead over Trump whose shares are at 39 cents.

Despite the excitement surrounding the anticipated head-on competition in 2024, the data historically reflects uncertainty. We are reminded of the similar scenario in the fall of 2019 when Trump, as the then-president, was assumed to be at a disadvantage against his yet-to-be-decided Democratic competitor. Nevertheless, history has taught us that a lot can change between now and Election Day, slated for Nov 5, 2024.

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