Police Yet To Determine If Charged Apply In Lytton Fire


B.C police say they are not ruling out criminal charges in the Lytton fire incident, but they noted it might take years before they can make that determination.

Two people perished when a fire roared to life and razed a town Wednesday, 30th June, completely destroying all things it touched. Initial financial estimates place indicates the damage is in millions.

The team investigating the fire is being led by B,.C Wildfire Service and the police, and they are in the initial stages of their work. Their findings so far indicate that the fire may have been caused by humans activity.

Footage of the fire posted online indicates a train on fire the same day the fire started in the area, but the investigators can’t say yet if this caused the Lytton fire.

Regardless, displaced residents like Cathy Bilechuk, who was left with nothing, is quite upset that not one thought of taking precautions considering the heatwave that they were facing.

The Railwat Safety Act illustrates how the railways might be called upon to make reparations if investigations show that the fire was as a result of train activity.

As a result of current hazardous conditions in the town of Lytton, the investigating team have aonly managed a few hours on site each day.

Even if conditions improve, it will take a while before they can collect sufficient information to explains why the fire started in the first place, if the train caused it and whether people or firms are responsible.


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