Police will require an electronic certified warrant to enter a home uninvited


With another 838 new cases reported by the province today, one more death as hospitalizations rise, Premier Legault’s press conference outlined red-zone enforcement plans.

Police will be authorized, as of midnight on September 30, to give $1,000 fines to those gathering in public spaces and in their private residents.  Police are asked to disburse any gatherings. They will have the right to give fines but will only be permitted to enter the home with an electronic warrant. The PM pointed out that this procedure will be made available to police electronically, making it quick to attain.

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“People who do not respect the instructions put the lives of others in danger,” insisted Mr. Legault. The PM compared the infractions to a speeding ticket. “Nobody would be shocked to get a ticket for putting people’s lives in danger while speeding. This is the same idea.”

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety said police will not be able to enter a residence without the owner’s permission or obtaining a warrant.

The goal is not to issue as many tickets as possible, but to ask people to obey health guidelines, she says.

Bars, dining rooms, restaurants, cinemas, performance halls and several other gathering places, among others, will be closed for a period of 28 days.