Police Watchdog Clears Nova Scotia Officer Entangled In Eastern Passage Man’s Shooting


The watchdog that oversights Nova Scotia Police has said RCMP officer suspected to have shot a 60-year-old man dead in Eastern Passage during the summer has reason to do so. The Watchdog added that no charge against the officer is valid.

The man was shot dead after he pointed what witnessed and the officer thought was a gun at his elderly mother and at the police. It turned out that the weapon the man had was an airsoft gun, based on a report posted on Wednesday.

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In the report, the director of Serious Incident Response Team stated that the RCMP reached out to them on the 9th of July, last year, a few minutes after an officer had shot the man.

The police report also indicates that the mother of the man called them when he approached her with what she thought to be a handgun and pointed it at her. The report also stated that the 60-year-old was intoxicated, and had previously said, before witnesses, that he wanted to die, and was presently approved for the end-of-life needle via the dying program.

Halifax police were directed to the scene. One of the officers had an Arwen rifle that fires rubber bullet, while the other, including the one that shot the man, had live rounds. He is also the only one with emergency response training and was in communication with the subject.

Five other officers were in his driveway but did not interact with him before he was shot dead.

Later, police discovered that the man had an air pistol, wasn’t loaded, and had no air cartridge on. The report also pointed out that members of the man’s family said that he was the agitator of the incident. He showed life-threatening behavior forcing the police to respond with force.