Police Say Armed And Dangerous Homicide Suspect Likely Within Winnipeg In Grey SUV


Police have issued a public warning that a homicide suspect that they say is armed and quite dangerous, might be in Winnipeg, possibly driving a grey SUV.

Through a news post, police said Tuesday that investigators think Erick Wildman, aged 34, may have been in Winnipeg last Monday and might be driving a 2020 Chevy Equinox, grey in color, with Manitoba plate number KGE 368.

Earlier on, a number of police officers searched a property to the northeast of Winnipeg that is believed to belong to the suspect, after an arrest warrant was issued for him.

Police say he is wanted in connection to the disappearance of one Clifford joseph.

While Joseph, aged 40, hasn’t been found since he left his home in St. Clements on the 7th of June. Initially, police would treat the case as a suspicious disappearance.

Joseph’s Ford Ranger was located abandoned in rural Road 44 East, some 50km to the south of Wildman’s property.

Police also noted that the previous owner of Joseph’s home also disappeared. Vernon Karl went missing in 2018 and the truck he owned found badly burnt some distance from Wildman’s home. Police noted that the circumstance surrounding his disappearance are suspicious as well.

Police are urging anyone with information on Wildman’s whereabout to call 431-489-8551 or 911.


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