Police Raid Nets $62K in Drugs, Illegal Weapons in Greater Sudbury Arrests


In a summer-long investigation that culminated in a raid at a Gatchell home on Wednesday morning, officers of the Greater Sudbury Police Service’s (GSPS) Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) arrested five individuals and netted a hefty haul of narcotics and weaponry. The officers have been investigating the group, suspected of illegal drug trafficking activities, in the Greater Sudbury area.

As dawn broke at around 5 a.m., the police executed the operation involving a search warrant, targeting a residential property located on Bulmer Avenue in the West end of the city. The seizure included an alarming assortment of illegal narcotics and weaponry. Detailed inventory of the haul includes over 135 grams of fentanyl, in excess of 80 grams of cocaine, a handgun, a sawed-off shotgun, an array of other weapons, a bulletproof vest, numerous ammunition rounds, and a surplus of $3,000 in hard cash. According to the police, the street value of the confiscated drugs stands at around $62,500.

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The officers made other discoveries finding a pair of stolen mountain bikes purportedly valued at over $15,000 in the targeted residence.

As a consequence of the raid, arrests were made involving five individuals, whose ages ranged between 39 to 48. The charges levied against each includes two counts of drug trafficking, possession of a weapon for potentially dangerous intentions, six distinct firearm offenses – comprising of possession of a restricted firearm and tampering with a serial number, as well as possession of property acquired through criminal endeavors worth over $5,000.

Following a bail hearing on August 30, all the accused individuals were remanded into custody, they are slated to make an appearance in court on Thursday.

It’s important to note that these allegations remain unproven in the eyes of the law.

Interestingly, this significant incident follows closely on the heels of another police raid executed less than a month ago at a residence on St. George Street. In that previous operation, narcotics worth approximately $270,000 were confiscated.

The GSPS confirmed that the DEU, in conjunction with the Integrated Crime Section (ICS), are committed to major crime operations that threaten the safety and stability of the community. The mission of the ICS is to identify and disrupt organized crime operations in Sudbury by leveraging current technological advancements, fostering partnership within the community, and employing traditional policing tactics.

Following this grand seizure, the police added that their objectives remain firmly on bringing those involved to justice, holding accountable those engaging in criminal activities, and confiscating illegal drugs, prohibited firearms, and illicit proceeds.