Police On A Manhunt For A Suspect After A Woman Is Murdered In Montreal


Police in Montreal has continued their search through Wednesday for the person suspected to have been involved in the murder of a woman in the Park Extension area.

The woman, aged 32, died in an apartment along Birnam Street. Her neighbors stated they heard a noise coming out of her apartment before the incident.

Her husband, Navdeep Ghotra, aged 30, has not been accessible since.

Police launched a manhunt on Tuesday in the area around Riviere des Prairies, north of Montreal. A source told local media that his car had been located at the Lachapelle Bridge, which spans the Riviere des Prairies.

Police say they think he jumped into the water, but are also looking at other possibilities.

The husband is said t have called his family in India to show share footage of the crime scene. The family got in touch with local authorities, who called the police.

The pair had two children. Neighbors noted that after the killing, police tried to locate the couple’s daughter, who had runoff. She was located a short while later.

In May, the husband was released on conditional bail after it was alleged, he issued threats against another woman. Court documents indicate that he was scheduled for a court appearance on the 8th of October linked to his 19th May arrest.

The concierge of the building where the woman was found dead said that she had asked her to be changed last April after a disagreement with her husband.

A few days later, the concierge noted, the man was back in the apartment.


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