Police Looking Into Fireworks Explosion In A Crown Of Habs Supporters After Game 4


Police in Montreal is looking into a fireworks explosion that was captured in footage showing a mishap amongst a crowd of Habs supporters right outside the Bell Center, Monday evening, after their game 4.

Habs supporters, in the thousands, filled the streets of downtown Montreal to celebrate the team’s win in Game 4 against the Lightning.

During their celebration, fans ignited numerous fireworks even as riot police secured the streets. In one instance, fans gathered in a circle around a firework that they set off, but things did not go as expected and it exploded.

Police Constable Raphael Bergeron stated that no injuries were reported in the incident, but the incident was recorded in footage that police are looking at in their ongoing investigation. Police are also seeking the people who set it off.

Bergeron said about four persons are in custody for criminal offenses, including assaulting an officer.


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