Police Investigating Claims That A Vancouver Woman Was Followed For Over 40 Minutes


Police in Vancouver has started investigations into claims that a woman was tailed through the city by a stranger for over 40 minutes.

The woman, Jamie Coutts, shared her story on social media. She recounted that while walking home from Drug Mart on Dunsmuir and Granville streets around 5:30pm on Wednesday, she noticed a man trailing her closely. She added that she tried stepping off the sidewalk to let the man pass, but he remained in her wake.

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She then decided to make a few loops around the city just to see if the said assailant would alter course but kept following closely behind.

At that point, she decided to record a video in selfie mode rather than involve the police. She posted the 10-minute video on social media, which concluded with her walking to a local skate park closer to Chinatown, where she asked to sit with a few strangers.
The man is seen lingering at that point but left in the end.

Sgt. Steve Addison stated that a police report was filed on Wednesday. He also mentioned that they are looking into the matter.

In her post, she added that a few other women have reached out with similar experiences. However, Sgt. Addison said that they have not received reports from other women with similar experiences. Still, she added that they will investigate the circumstance and MO, and the suspect’s description.