Police Efforts in Cracking down Illegal Gambling in Oakland, California 


Police seize $21,000 in cash, $76, 000 worth of drugs, weapons, and 18 gambling machines in Oakland, California. The drugs seized included meth, marijuana, heroin, and promethazine.

The raid was conducted on Thursday, and it led to the arrest of the suspect. The police also found eight firearms, including two assault rifles and about 30 high capacity magazines, and a bulletproof vest.

The raid happened after residents tipped the Oakland Police Department (OPD) over concerns of illegal gambling, illegal narcotics, and human trafficking. OPD Chief LeRonne L. Armstrong terms the tip as a success and is highlights the progress that can be made if police corporate with the civilian.

“This investigation highlights the success when the community partners with our officers. We will continue to do our best to address illegal gambling throughout Oakland.”

The raid was also complimented on the local Facebook page, with some like Duong Nhi thanking OPD for a job well done. However, others like Carlos Rodriguez are skeptical of the success.

In an Earlier raid this month, 24 suspects were apprehended and face gambling charges in Orange County. Police also seized dozen gambling machines at a gaming joint in Garden Grove.

The Oakland raid is the latest of multiple in the region’s illicit gambling dens. Earlier raids led to the arrest of 19 suspects, seizure of gaming machines and firearms.


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