Police Deploy Teargas to Counter a Protest Gone Wrong in Downtown Montreal


On Sunday, a pro-Israel rally in Montreal encountered a counter-demonstration in downtown Montreal. Isabella Hazan, a pro-Israel demonstrator, believes that she is fighting for the rights of Palestinians who are being used as a human shield.

However, counter-protesters had a different narrative. They indicated they respect the Palestinians just like they respect their country. The demonstrations were peaceful, but police deployed tear gas after a pro-Israel protesters car was attacked and its side mirror damaged.

According to Rex Brynen, a professor of Middle East studies at McGill University, Israel and Palestinians are guilty of decades-long conflicts. He noted that the Palestinians have been living without any political rights for decades.

“Those being bombed in Gaza are the great-grandchildren of people who were forcibly displaced and the grandchildren who’ve known nothing but occupation in the cage that is Gaza.”

The ongoing hostilities started when Israel threatened to evict Palestinian families living in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Hamas fired rockets at Israel, and Israel conducted a massive airstrike on Gaza.

The bombing has resulted in the death of at least 188 Palestinians including children and women. So far, 1, 230 people have been wounded and 34, 000 have been displaced from their homes. On Israel’s side, 8 people have died from rocket fire including, a 5-year-old child.


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