Police Cautious After Learning That Wildman’s Father Shot An Officer In ‘62


The elder Wildman, now deceased, shot an officer as a young man, and this is something the police are seriously thinking about while they search for Erick Wildman, aged 34.

Police suspect, he is involved in the disappearance, possibly death, of Clifford Joseph, his neighbor. Police add that he is armed and dangerous.

Allan Wildman, his father, had a police record before he changed for the better and headed back to school.

In the year 1062, police records indicate, he shot an officer, Tony Cooper, in the back while on a chase.

The officer survived, and recovered fully.

Then aged 14, he had a difficult childhood. He, and the sister, had been through multiple adoptions and were sent back to the system each time. They ended up in terrible homes.

Allan started his crimes at the age of 12, and went to prison as a result. He passed away in 2017, aged 70, and was survived by a daughter and son.

The police are seeking the public’s help in locating Wildman. During their search, they found police regalia and equipment in his SUV.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to call police at 911 or the tip line 4314898551, and should not, at any point, approach Wildman.


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