Police Car Upended Outside The Bell Center, Officers Use Tear Gas To Disperse Rowdy Crowd After Habs Win


Police reports confirmed that a cop car was upended and officers forced to disperse the crowd that was throwing projectiles at them outside the Bell Center after the Habs thrashed Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Police spokesperson Manuel Couture said their intention wasn’t to arrest people but to disperse them.

The fans who attended the game were asked to stay put inside the Bell Center. After the Habs win, Canadiens owner, Geoff Molson, spoke to the crown inside to inform them that police had asked that they stay put and would be informed when it was safe to leave.

Earlier that evening, Police in Montreal said the atmosphere had been relatively friendly. They noted that they made a single intervention relating to municipal by-law outside the Bell Center. A few tickets were issues, otherwise, no action on their part was needed as of 10:30pm.

Both Rene-Levesque and de Maisonneuve were closed off as a crown of 5000 persons gathered to witness the game.

Police noted they came prepared for a chaotic night as Quebecers celebrate Fete Nationale, and had been done so since the Habs won 3-2 in Game 5.


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