Police Apprehend a Suspect over a Homicide incident in the Las Vegas Strip


Clark County District Attorney is currently reviewing a fatal shooting incident in a Las Vegas motel that resulted in the death of one victim.

The incident is one of the violent crimes committed near a gaming property. The shooting occurred on Monday near Four Seasons Dive along with the 3900 blocks of Las Vegas Boulevard South.

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The incident claimed the life of Jessee Poncelet, has been ruled as a homicide after an autopsy by Clark County.

Bryan Contreras, 31, has been charged with the murder of Poncelet, who died on his way to University Medical Center. Contreras is also charged for illegally possessing a firearm. If convicted, Contreras could face up to six years in prison.

This is one of several violent crimes reported near the Las Vegas Strip in the past year. Metro police have increased their patrol on the Strip tourist areas as shooting and stabbings incidents increase.

Earlier this month, police officers have established a permanent presence on the Strip near the newly opened Resort World Las Vegas.