Winning season for Pointe Claire’s Tiger Lillies Dragonboat team


by Rhonda Massad

Last Saturday, 32 teams competed at the RCC Dragon Boat Race Festival held a the 10th annual Rideau Canoe Club in Ottawa. Pointe Claire’s Tiger Lillies dragon boat team rowed away with a gold medal in the ladies B category.

“We came first in the following races: Distances 200M, 500M and 1000M. (1 Km)” team member, Sandra Robbins explained. “We are working Moms, sisters and daughters from all walks of life who carved out some weekly “me time” to do something challenging and fun. Last weekend was special for us as we, for the first time in our team’s history, won first place at the Rideau regatta in Ottawa.”

According to Robbins, The Tiger Lillies, have been training at the Pointe Claire Canoe Club for 10 years.

“Our dedicated team consists of 20+ paddlers who train twice a week and attend regattas throughout the summer in Quebec and Ontario. Ages range from 26 to 70s,” she continued.

Not much rest for the weary.

“The season starts up again in November, as we do indoor training to get us ready to be on the water in May,” Robbins stated. “Every year, a few members move on to other things and we do look for new ladies so if you know anyone who would like to give it a try, come on out and join us.”

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