Pointe Claire votes to increase garbage pickup in summer months


Pointe Claire city council voted 6 to 2 at their March public meeting to increase garbage pick up during the summer months.

The initial idea came to fruition during the Mayor Morris Trudeau administration in an attempt to encourage more recycling and composting. Current Mayor John Belevdere promised during his election campaign to bring back weekly garbage pick up in the summer months.

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“My friend Christine Archambault and I started a petition for weekly pickup when this changed years ago,” said resident Mandy Finkelstein.  “It took a few years, but they finally heard us. Recycling and composting are positive initiatives but not all residents are 100% on board. Maggots, flies, and mice are not positive nor healthy for residents. We want to be outside enjoying the neighbourhood and the smell of rotting garbage, particularly in summer, is not enjoyable. I think we can do more to educate about waste management but bottom line, it’s about the quality of life issue for residents. Thank you to the new mayor for listening to our concerns.”

While there were residents opposed to the increase in the service, others were adamant that the two-week delay in pickup encourages rodents and maggots.

The 13 additional pickups will cost residents an additional $127,000.