Pointe Claire turn waste into dollars, $750,000 in grants for proper waste sorting


Pointe-Claire residents can proudly say they have sorted their waste into dollars. A total of $764,680 in grants have been paid to the city for 2019 thanks to their daily and sustained involvement in sorting their waste.

“These results speak to our entire community’s commitment to adopting sustainable behaviours. These grants, which were awarded thanks to everyone’s excellent performance, once again confirm a common desire to protect our environment for current and future generations,” Mayor Belvedere said.

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The amounts provided in the form of a grant are reinvested in municipal services, allowing us to continuously improve the service offer to the community. This grant includes an amount provided by the Québec government for waste elimination and a compensation from RECYC-QUÉBEC for selective collection  of recyclable materials.

Improvements made to collections in recent years, Ecocentre days, the Waste Management Squad’s active presence throughout the summer, the online tool to help with proper sorting and the addition of collection points all contribute to improving the City’s waste management performance from year to year. As a result, the City recorded a 31% decrease in waste tonnage sent to landfill over five years.

“As the top ranked city on the Island of Montréal for waste recovery, Pointe-Claire is a model of remarkable citizen contribution and involvement, and this makes me very proud,” Mayor Belvedere.

Pointe-Claire is known for environmental initiatives such as the sheep grazing in summer months and the Zero-Waste Challenge.

Households interested in taking part in the challenge have until February 5 to apply on the Pointe-Claire, It’s Who We Are platform.