Pointe-Claire’s third summer road safety campaign aims to raise awareness about speed limits


The city of Pointe Claire has launched its third annual summer road safety campaign. Titled “Slower is safer”, the initiative serves as a reminder about safe road behaviour for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

“We take the health and safety of our residents to heart. The goal of this campaign is to improve cooperation between users of various modes of transportation and encourage everyone to share public roads safely,” explains Pointe-Claire mayor, Morris Trudeau.

The primary goal of the campaign, which is focused mainly on drivers, is to raise awareness about respecting speed limits. In particular, it recommends safe driving near construction sites and school zones, as well as when approaching crosswalks.

Various colourful campaign signs will be displayed on private property by residents and in public spaces by the city throughout the summer to raise awareness. In order to remind our younger residents about the importance of obeying traffic rules, the new city mascot will be front and centre in the campaign.

“These initiatives support the central message of the campaign encouraging caution on the road. It is our collective responsibility to improve the safety of our community. Let’s all take part in putting this great example of civic spirit into action,” says Mayor Trudeau.

Pointe-Claire residents can get a sign by filling out the required form and dropping it off at Public Security, located at 399 Saint-Jean Boulevard. An inspector will then come to your address to install the sign of your choice on your property.




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