Pointe Claire needs artist for second permanent mural


Looking for artists to create a mural in the Valois area

 The City of Pointe-Claire is looking for an artist, group of artists or recognized organization to create the City’s second permanent public mural on the concrete walls at the entrance of the pedestrian tunnel between the north and south platforms of Valois train station.

“This new mural will help sustain our community’s vitality and energy and make connections with the history of Pointe-Claire and the Valois sector,” says Mayor Morris Trudeau. “The selected artist or group of artists will be asked to design a mural on the theme of transportation. We want the focus to be on the history of Pointe-Claire, whose development is directly related to changing means of transportation.”

A call for submissions from artists interested in the project has been sent out. The Pointe-Claire Public Art Committee will study each submission and choose an artist or group of artists who will be asked to carry out a project on the concrete walls of the Valois entrance building.

This is the second project overseen by the Public Art Committee since it was established in 2013. In keeping with City policy to promote Pointe-Claire’s cultural and historic heritage, Council gave the Committee a mandate to promote the creation of public art works.

A candidate must be a professional artist, an artist collective, or a recognized organization with experience in creating mural artworks. Submissions must include an overview of the concept, the proposed artistic process including the strategy for developing the work, a budget, references, and the artists’ resumes.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, March 6, 2016. For more information on the project, go to the Stewart Hall Art Gallery page in the Culture and Library section.


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