Pointe-Claire Councillor Remains Committed to Feeding Children In Need Despite Harsh Winter


By Daniele Iannarone

Despite the unfavourable weather and road conditions this past week in Montreal, the children at Pierrefonds’ La Corde Youth Centre were not left abandoned.The centre is dedicated to helping La imagen puede contener: una persona, sonriendounderprivileged children in the West Island, and Pointe-Claire City Councillor Cynthia Homan remained determined to fulfill her promise and deliver them a full homecooked meal.  On the menu: delicious penne with some meat sauce and mozzarella cheese, baked cookies, cheese sticks, tangerines and granola bars.  “Hunger does not take a snow day,” said Homan about braving Thursday’s icy roads to get to the centre.  “It was worth the drive.”

Fifty children usually attend the La Corde Youth Centre’s lunch and after-school program.  They offer food and support to these children, as well as encouraging them to pursue education.

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Homan is well-known at the youth centre.  She frequently volunteers her time and prepares meals at home to donate to the children at the centre.  A grandmother of eight herself, she understands the struggles of the community and the importance of giving back, whether it be donating food or volunteering her time.   “When I have the energy and the time to do it, I just think it’s the right thing to do,” she says.  “I would hate if my grandkids weren’t able to eat.”

Homan points out that all members of the community can help out if they so wish.  She highlights the West Island community’s need for volunteers, especially given that the population is ageing and there are always some people who have it more difficult than others.  She says that people can select what type of work they’d like to do, whether it be offering food, driving people around, mentoring children, etc.  “I just want to encourage people to help the community,” says Homan, who’s grateful that she’s able to do so herself.

If you wish to donate goods or volunteer your time, the West Island Community Resource Centre is a good resource to see what items need donating, where to drop them off, and where volunteers are currently needed.