Pointe Claire and Beaconsfield deal with garbage bins


Long awaited organic bins have arrived in Pointe Claire

Beginning July 22, 2015, some 2,500 240-litre bins will be distributed to all residences in Sector B of Pointe Claire, the area east of Saint-Jean Boulevard and north of Highway 20. Bins are not mandatory, residents are free to use any other reusable containers or cardboard boxes may be used as well.

Since April of this year, compostable materials have been scheduled for pickup every Tuesday while garbage pick up has been reduced to every two weeks. Organic or compostable materials including meat and fats, head to an industrial compost site and are transformed into compost..

Citizens wishing to obtain a smaller 120-litre bin are asked to call Pointe Claire Public Works Department at 514-630-1230 or email tp@pointe-claire.ca.

Don’t forget to order your garbage bin if you live in Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield residents will be going a pay as you throw program come January 2016.  In order to best choose the bin that suits your needs, residents must select and order their bin before September 25. Ordering can be done online at http://www.beaconsfield.ca

The idea is for Beaconsfield residents to estimate their weekly garbage, choose a bin that suits that estimate and only put their bin to the curb when necessary. The new bins will be equipped with an electronic chip and every time the bin is placed at the curb there will be a charge to the owner.

“By choosing a bin size that will cover your maximum needs for a 7 day period, extra garbage should not be an issue,” Beaconsfield’s director of public works Andrew Duffield said in an email exchange.   “Any garbage that will not fit into your bin has to be either kept by you for the next pickup or put into a neighbour’s bin that is being put out – with their permission of course.”

While organic waste will be collected in Pointe Claire, Beaconsfield residents are being encouraged to compost at home. Garden waste pick ups will increase to 32 pick ups in 2016. Composter units are currently available free at public works to residents with proof of residency. Composting at home sends meats, dairy and fats to landfills sites contrary to an industrial compost approach taken in other neighbouring cities.

Both Beaconsfield and Pointe Claire offer helpful tips for composting and schedule pick up days on their websites.


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