Pointe Claire Adopts EAB strategy


Pointe Claire has adopted a strategy to fight the emerald ash borer (EAB) in order to preserve the urban forest, maintain the City’s canopy, and protect its biodiversity.

In Pointe-Claire, over 8,000 ash trees on public and private property are threatened by the EAB.

“We’ve been very active since 2012 to slow down the spread of the EAB throughout Pointe-Claire, and we’re continuing to act,” says Mayor Trudeau. “Our strategy will help citizens understand their options in terms of protecting their ash trees as well as the consequences of massive tree loss.”

The strategy for trees on private property includes a preferential rate for preventive treatment, a grant to offset the cost of this treatment and of felling a tree, and a program to distribute trees to residential property owners.

For trees on public property, the strategy involves preventive treatment, cutting down trees that cannot be treated, planting 800 trees every year to increase the canopy index and protect biodiversity, and finding new uses for ash wood.

A public information meeting will be held at City Hall on Wednesday, November 4, at 7 p.m., to provide complete information about the strategy to fight the EAB.

“Everyone is invited to come to the meeting and get full details about the emerald ash borer and our strategy,” says the mayor.

For more information on the strategy, go to www.pointe-claire.ca/emeraldashborer.



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